ATC codes: Pending
Ebola virus disease ICD11 code: 1D60.01
Medicine type
Biological agent
List type
Core (EML)
Parenteral > General injections > IV: 241.7 mg + 241.7 mg + 241.7 mg in 14.5 mL vial
EML status history
First added in 2023 (TRS 1049)
Also recommended for children
Therapeutic alternatives
The recommendation is for this specific medicine
Patent information
Main patent is active in several jurisdictions. For more information on specific patents and license status for developing countries visit www.MedsPal.org
Summary of evidence and Expert Committee recommendations
The Expert Committee recommended the addition of the monoclonal antibodies ansuvimab and atoltivimab + maftivimab + odesivimab to the core list of the EML and EMLc for the treatment of confirmed Ebola virus disease caused by Zaire ebolavirus in adults and children, and in neonates of unconfirmed infection status aged 7 days old or younger, born to mothers with confirmed infection. The Committee noted that Ebola virus disease is a life-threatening disease with a high case-fatality rate, for which effective treatments are of public health importance. The Committee considered that the available clinical trial evidence for ansuvimab and atoltivimab + maftivimab + odesivimab has demonstrated important reductions in mortality compared to standard supportive care alone. The Committee considered that their inclusion on the Model Lists would represent a strong equity and advocacy message, fully aligned with WHO guidelines, that could contribute to broader actions being undertaken to ensure reliable, affordable access to quality-assured therapeutics for Ebola virus disease.