Not recommended as an essential medicine
Listed in AWaRe for monitoring purposes
Not recommended as an essential medicine
Codes ATC
Type de médicament
Chemical agent
Groupes d'antibiotiques
Historique des statuts LME
Le médicament n'a jamais été inscrit sur la liste LME
AWaRe medicine

Listing of antibiotics in the WHO EML and the allocation of antibiotics to the different AWaRe groups should be distinguished from each other, recognizing the distinct albeit complementary purposes of the EML and AWaRe.

EML-listed antibiotics represent a parsimonious, evidence-based selection of essential antibiotics for first- and second-choice empiric treatment of most common or severe bacterial infections (the Access and Watch groups), in addition to antibiotics that are last-resort options for the treatment of critical priority multidrug-resistant organisms (the Reserve group). Watch antibiotics have higher potential to favour the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance and should only be used when Access antibiotics are not suitable treatment options.

In 2021, the EML includes 39 antibiotics as essential medicines: 20 Access, 11 Watch and 8 Reserve.

The AWaRe classification of antibiotics extends beyond the EML, classifying more than 250 commonly used antibiotics globally, to better support antibiotic monitoring and stewardship activities.

The antibiotic presented here is classified in AWaRe for monitoring purposes, but it is not listed as a WHO essential medicine.