ATC codes: N02BA01
Acute rheumatic fever without mention of heart involvement ICD11 code: 1B70.Z
Medicine type
Chemical agent
List type
Complementary (EML)
Additional notes
Acute or chronic use for rheumatic fever, juvenile arthritis , Kawasaki disease
Oral > Solid: 100 to 500 mg
Local > Rectal > Suppository: 50 to 150 mg
EML status history
First added in 2007 (TRS 950)
Changed in 2013 (TRS 985)
Also recommended for children
Therapeutic alternatives
The recommendation is for this specific medicine
Patent information
Patents have expired in most jurisdictions
Summary of evidence and Expert Committee recommendations
A new section of the Model Lists for “Medicines for diseases of joints” was created to list the treatments for gout and the disease-modifying agents used in rheumatoid disorders and juvenile joint diseases that were previously included in Section 2. Thus, acetylsalicylic acid for the treatment of rheumatic fever in children was transferred to this new section.